Meet The  Team

The Diversity of Retro5ive

We are a team from around the world! Literally!

The brains behind the bot!

Benecio Zarazua

Team Captain / Build Captain / Drive Team

Benecio joined robotics because of the scholarship opportunities and prestige of including it on his college applications.  Benecio is a great team leader who inspires other members.  He gained a lot of friendships through the team. He has also gained knowledge otherwise unobtainable by either a lot of home training or a vocational school. Robotics has assisted him academically.

Erik Cortes

At the age of 5, Erik’s mother used to take him to engineering conventions to inspire him. Living in a single parent household, he needed to find an escape from the stress in his life. And in FIRST, he found his calling. Working tirelessly, the passion in his eyes can be seen a mile away. Don’t ask him questions while he’s working! Otherwise you’ll break his focus. 

Betshaida Jaramillo

Betshaida has felt passionate about engineering for several years now. She has also always wanted to join a club to keep her occupied. Joining the robotics team has helped her gain valuable skills that are helpful for her future goals. She hopes to get a scholarship for college through FIRST. Betshaida has wanted to become a programmer for the team since the very start. Programming was a huge learning curve for her. However, she’s come a long way and now feels confident in her abilities.

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