Meet The  Team

The Diversity of Retro5ive

We are a team from around the world! Literally!

The brains behind the bot!

Benecio Zarazua

Team Captain / Build / Drive Team

Benecio joined robotics because of the scholarship opportunities and prestige of including it on his college applications.  Benecio is a great team leader who inspires other members.  He gained a lot of friendships through the team. He has also gained knowledge otherwise unobtainable by either a lot of home training or a vocational school. Robotics has assisted him academically.

Erik Cortes

Electrical / Build

At the age of 5, Erik’s mother used to take him to engineering conventions to inspire him. Living in a single parent household, he needed to find an escape from the stress in his life. And in FIRST, he found his calling. Working tirelessly, the passion in his eyes can be seen a mile away. Don’t ask him questions while he’s working! Otherwise you’ll break his focus. 

Betshaida Jaramillo

Programming / Website / Drive Team

Betshaida joined to team to develop programming and website building skills. She plans on obtaining a degree in computer science, and robotics will help her build her experience. Participating in the team will give her an edge in her college applications. Betshaida works diligently on the tasks assigned to her. She is proud of the contributions she’s made on the team, and is always striving for improvements!

Ayana Roldan

Digital Media / Website / Graphic Arts

Ayana loves to edit in her free time. She joined to be educated on the process of creating a robot. Ayana has grown her knowledge of graphic design and website building, to which she shows much interest. Joining the team has helped the her grow socially, and opened her up to trying new things. Through this team she has showed interest in a future in graphic design. She has also created our impressive team logo as well as the designs on our buttons!

Brandon Smith


Brandon enjoys playing guitar, building circuits, and working out. He enjoys listening to Classic Rock, Funk, Reggae, and Jazz music. Brandon is an honor student with a 4.0 GPA. Two of his favorite classes are ROV and Engineering. He joined robotics because he wanted to learn more about building. Robotics has helped him become more experienced with tools and safety regulation.

Robert Chabot


Robert joined robotics to find an activity to do after school. He also joined in hopes of building relationships with his fellow teammates. The FRC program has helped Robert in terms of responsibilities. In joining this team, he has broadened his horizons for future careers. He now sees a more sociable future. and he has considered a career in the engineering field.

Arath Patino

Pit Crew / Build

Arath Patino has been through a lot of ups and downs.  Arath moved to the U.S when his mother and stepfather got married; he was just 6 years old. Arath didn’t know any English and struggled greatly for the first few months with language barriers. However, after a few months, he began to understand some English and learned rapidly. Arath has been here for nine years, now. Retro5ive and FIRST have provided him with an extended family to help him grow and learn.

Ricardo Serratos III


Ricardo joined because he wanted to learn many new skills to apply in the real world. Since joining, he has learned a lot more than just skills. Ricardo has become a better person and more comfortable with himself. He’s also made many new friends and has become more extroverted. He says he plans on staying involved with the team until he graduates. After he graduates, he plans on studying the engineering field and hopefully working within it as well.

Caroline Rodriguez

Build / Drive Team / Digital Media

Caroline has always been a dedicated student.  She joined robotics because she wanted to push herself to do something she never thought she would do. In the beginning, she could never see herself using machinery or learning about tools. However, Caroline is now confident in her abilities. She wants to pursue a career in the engineering or medical field. She believes that robotics has positively affected her life by introducing her to new people and helping her with her future career goals.

Edrees Ahmed

Drive Team / Build / Electrical / Digital Media

Edrees is the type of person who is always active. He loves to swim, play soccer, and exercise. During his downtime, he likes to make memes and play video games. Before he joined robotics, Edrees would mess around with the electronics around his house. He joined robotics because he’s always been very interested in it. He also has a lot of experience with build and electrical. Robotics has inspired Edrees to do better in all aspects of his life. He has also inspired some of his friends to join robotics too.

Elijah Marroquin

Safety / Build

Elijah is a vital member to the safety team. He is on the team due to his interest in electrical engineering and was looking to expand on his knowledge of the field. He hopes to become more of an out-going person as well.  He hopes to use it as an accolade while applying for colleges. He does have an interest in Aerospace engineering and is looking forward to the skills the FRC program will provide.

Kyle Vasquez


Kyle joined because he was in interested in technology and thought robotics would be a great team for him to partake in. Before joining FIRST, he lacked knowledge on tools and fabrication Since then, he has excelled in learning these criteria. With joining the team he has figured out how to grow his community through team related events. He thinks that robotics will help him with his already decided future in engineering. “Nobody is gonna stop you from being you, except you” -Kyrie Irving

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